Donate to BOSS Sanctuary


Our goal here at BOSS Sanctuary is to help save as many lives as possible. Whether it be dogs, bunnies, chickens, goats, foxes, horses, you name it! We would love to be able to offer them a forever home away from abuse or neglect. A place that allows them to have a better quality of life and eventually open up community programs to teach people how to respect and care for these animals!

As you know, the ability to build and create the enclosures needed for these animals is no easy task. We will continuously try to do fundraiser promotions such as our @threepitsandafatty 2019 calendar; however, we can not possibly explain our gratitude for any additional donation to help get us up and running even sooner!

Please consider making a donation to BOSS Sanctuary through our PayPal link below. Your continued support truly makes a difference and we can’t thank you enough!

We are a registered 501c3 NPO!